What is the Biggest Party in the World

Biggest Party in the World

To be sure you make the most of the festive season around the year. We list altogether this nifty little guide of the best party events across the world. As you know where the closest part is, wherever you are traveling. Let us get ready to travel with party bus rental Panama City Beach.

Times Square, New York

New York, known as the city never sleeps, captures the imagination of the world with its historic Ball Drop at Times Square, every year. Expectations runs high as thousands of people chant the countdown to the New Year. Exactly at midnight the ball drops, ending in a memorable display of dazzling lights, music, fireworks, and cheers of the crowd.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans

With colorful masks all around and cheerful music over you will get you in the mood for some festive mischief. The best and better time to visit New Orleans than during Mardi Gras,  So, take the dancing floor by a storm.march in the parade or just eat your heart out. A wildest parties in the world carnival in the streets and dancing in all the clubs. At Mardi Gras a time to enjoy life and a whole season, not just a day of celebration. Almost the festivities last for a month leading up to the onset of Lent. The entire city comes out on the last day where the biggest celebration is.

Burning Man, Nevada

This party last for a week, Burning Man is a mix of serious revelry, survival training in a desert, and a platform of artistic expression. As an artist, this is a place to come to explore the depth of your creative candor. A momentary city is created in the middle of the arid desert by over 70,000 people who attend the event, held in Black Rock Desert in Nevada. They have different theme every year, with a number of installation to admire, performances to watch and also classes to take.

Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

With colorful floats, beautiful dancers in elaborate costumes you see the parade videos everywhere. With irresistible samba music and over two million people on the streets, indeed the famous parties in the world. With close to a million international tourist visiting the city during this time that celebrates for five days. The samba moves that you might know may not be good enough to march in the parade. But do not worry you can polish your skills in the street festival that take place all over the city.

White Nights Festival, Russia

There is no other European city can compete the experience of staying in St. Petersburg during the month of Summer, which the city celebrating the White Nights festival. Even the phenomenon of White Nights (which there is 24 hours of sunlight every day) is not unique to St. Petersburg,  none of the northern city has given t such a poetic treatment. The festival start in May and lasting till July, with Star of the White Nights at Mariinsky Theatre, and a series of opera, classical ballet and orchestra performances every evening.

These are just a few best party and festivities around the world that all of us dream to experienced.

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