Top Five Exciting Nightlife Cities

Chicago, USA

Yes, we know The Big Apple never sleeps, but Chicago is another appropriate megapolis here. Everything is somewhat different and more rock’n’roll then in NYC.  Fantastic food, cocktail bars and music venues attract locals as well as guests from all around the globe. 

Chicago is among the most exciting cities for sure. Its tremendous architecture, busy cultural life and numerous venues prove it also to be one of the largest towns in the world. 

Sydney, Australia 

It is always good to have a stylish town on the beach, where one might have a great day on a beach, whilst in the evening select from hundreds of fun options. The cultural life’s very lively, with assorted performances, art installations and music inundating the streets and venues each evening. 

Exciting city to visit once in your lifetime while you renting a 30A party bus. And if you ever get tired of the lifestyle that is trendy, you will always visit the world-famous Sydney Opera House beach and have a dose of proper culture. 

Ibiza, Spain

The most prominent venue to party in Spain. Ibiza boasts not only good beaches, stretches of white sand, clear waters and summer that lasts a whole year, but it is also the capital of clubs. DJs perform here and get the party started. 

If you would like to spend days just idly placing on the beach, whilst party hardy through the night — this is the place to visit Europe. 

Prague, The Czech Republic

Czech beer is known globally. It’s been brewed as the 10th century, so clearly has a long tradition. It is stated that the Czechs own the maximum beer consumption per capital on Earth! Quite a few pubs are located in the narrow streets of the very beautiful Old Town in Eastern Europe. Lots of fun beer festivals take place. For example, the Czech Beer Festival takes place in May for 17 days! 

Dublin, Ireland

Everybody knows that UK is the capital of bar, that really was devised here: to prevent workers fighting and drinking on the streets, people of common sense created special areas for the purpose. In the meantime, Dublin has one of the largest bar to person ratio in the world! From clubs to bars, to music venues there are all kinds of places here that go on through the evening. 

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